Man, I suck at this.


So, yeah I suck at updating this website… sorry about that. As I know your days are empty and void of meaning without regular updates on what’s going on here at Mattoid Entertainment (I imagine you’re all running through your homes in sheer nightgowns, clutching doorways, and howling in agony); might I suggest checking our Twitter and Facebook for more regular updates? I’ve even included handy links right here. —>

If nothing else, you’ll save a fortune in replacement door frames.

Since I’m here though, I will tell you big things are happening at Mattoid… really big!

How’s that for a tease?

Check us out on Facebook or Twitter for more regular updates.

I still love you madly!

Peace, Love and Tank Girl,


P.s.- We’ll try to be better on here, and at life in general. Be better. Do better.