In The Darkness

“In The Darkness” Now Available on iTunes to Rent or to Own

“In The Darkness,” Mattoid Entertainment’s first, all-digital, narrative feature is now available to rent or to own on iTunes. “In The Darkness” made a splash earlier this year as the first, feature length, digital film made exclusively for online distribution. The film premiered on Hulu in March to much fanfare and viewer discussion, making it one of the most talked about films on Hulu of 2010. Since it’s initial release on Hulu, “In The Darkness” has grown and been released on Cable Video On Demand nationwide as well as in Canada-and now finds a new home on iTunes. (more…)

Mattoid Entertainment’s “In The Darkness” to Play Video On Demand in October

“In The Darkness”; Mattoid Entertainment’s first in-house production and the first narrative film to premiere on Hulu is coming to Video On Demand in October. The film which centers around an investigation into the disappearance of two missing teens that takes a turn for the supernatural sparked great debate upon its initial release-becoming one of the most talked about films of 2010 on Hulu. (more…)

Hulucination- In The Darkness: Hulu’s First Long Tail Movie

By Chadwick Matlin

At what point does a movie stop being a movie? In the Darkness, Hulu’s first fictional “movie,” which had its online premiere last week, may not qualify. Darkness is 60 minutes long, was shot in five days, stars no-name actors, and for its first four weeks will be distributed only online.

Whatever it is, In the Darkness shows us yet another possible future for entertainment: one where movies turn the Web into their personal theaters. As usual, we can blame this new business model on the financial crisis. (more…)

The Daily Nebraskan Spotlights Mattoid & “In The Darkness”

In a world of increasing technology and decreasing paper, few might expect one of the most technologically progressive industries might be making some adjustments of its own in order to avoid obsolescence.

Among the innovations of  Mattoid Entertainment’s “In the Darkness” is its status as the first film to be premiered on Hulu.

This sort of release has been termed a “digital distribution” and might be the way of the future in the world of cinema. (more…)

Hulu Launches Exclusive Feature

By Liz Stinson

In a sign of the digital times, yesterday launched the first feature-length narrative film to premiere exclusively on its site.

“In The Darkness” is released by Mattoid Entertainment, which focuses on creating first-run content for online platforms.

The film follows the disappearance of two young men in a fire-ravaged mountain range.

Mattoid co-founder and “Darkness” scribe and helmer Andrew Robinson said cost considerations as well as the chance for greater exposure led to his decision to preem via Hulu after taking a more traditional distribution approach for his 2009 pic “April Showers.”


“In The Darkness” Wins Audience Award

Last night, Saturday, March 28, “In The Darkness” won the Audience Award at IndieFest 2010. Producers Jenna Edwards and Jeremy McGovern were on hand to accept the award. We would like to thank everyone from our cast and crew that turned up for the event as well as all of the folks who were in attendance and watched “In The Darkness.” We would also like to thank everyone at the San Diego IndieFest for putting on a fine festival and for being such gracious hosts. Thanks to everyone who voted for the film and for making it your choice for IndieFest 2010.

For those of you who were unable to make the festival screening (which I believe is most of you) remember to tune in to Hulu this Tuesday, March 30, for the premiere of “In The Darkness.”

“In The Darkness” Builds Momentum

Last week, the full-length trailer for “In The Darkness” premiered on Hulu, building momentum for the film’s March 30 release date.

We at IndieFlix have not seen the movie yet, but the anticipation is mounting. The trailer makes the film look more and more like a hybrid of The X-Files Law & Order every day, which, if my daytime TV rerun indulgences could suggest, might be a winning combination. (more…)